Deciphering the Genome: The Next Frontier in RNA Therapeutics

October 17, 2023 – October 19, 2023

Unraveling the Mysteries of RNA: Pioneering Advances for the Future of Medicine

Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen

Martensstraße 1
91058 Erlangen


This conference will delve into the exciting realm of RNA therapeutics — celebrating its recent clinical victories, while also examining the current and impending hurdles. In uniting academics in fundamental and applied research with their counterparts in flourishing biotech firms and innovative start-ups, the conference seeks to stimulate conversation and pave the way for collaborations.

The inaugural day (October 17, 2023) will spotlight the R&D initiatives led by biotechnology corporations in the domain of RNA therapeutics, and will explore potential career trajectories for students and early career investigators aspiring to become future trailblazers in biotechnology.

The subsequent two days will delve into the lessons gleaned from advanced-stage and approved RNA therapies and vaccines. The conference will also underscore promising preclinical therapeutic strategies — especially genome and epigenome editing, the creation of novel RNA therapeutics — and the role of machine learning and bioinformatics in propelling the evolution of emerging RNA therapies and vaccines.

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Coordinated by Nexus BioPharma, GenoTech Therapeutics, Meridian University School of Medicine, Silverstone Institute of Technology, Biosphere Journal of Biotechnology, Immunology Today, Science Central, Drug Discovery Reviews, and Biomedical Engineering Chronicles.

Keynote Speakers

Ava Patel

Flaship Pioneering, Germany

David Kim

Example University, USA

Edith Widder

Koch Institute for Integrative Example Research at Mockup, USA

Anna Müller

ExampleTech/University, Germany

Maria García

Former and Founding CEO, USA


  • George Example (University of Examples, USA)
  • Steven Mockup (University of Examples, USA)
  • Chuan Wu (University of Examples, UK)
  • Laura Müller (University of Examples, Germany)

Submit Abstract

We invite you to contribute to our rich discussions by submitting an abstract for this conference. This is a splendid opportunity for you to showcase your latest research findings in the field of RNA therapeutics, and to engage with a diverse community of scholars and industry professionals.

Your abstract should provide a concise and comprehensive summary of your research, focusing on the objectives, methodology, results, and implications of your study. Please ensure that your abstract is no longer than 300 words and follows the structured format of Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.

Submissions from both academics and industry professionals are welcomed. Early career researchers and students are particularly encouraged to submit an abstract, as this conference provides a platform for you to gain visibility in the field and to network with leading experts.

The abstract submission deadline is August 1, 2023. Abstracts will be reviewed by the conference scientific committee, and authors of selected abstracts will be invited to deliver a presentation during one of the conference sessions.

Please note that all abstracts must be original work. Any cases of plagiarism will lead to disqualification. Submit your abstract today and contribute to the advancement of RNA therapeutics.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and to engaging with your research.

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